Southwest Church of Christ

Our Ministries

  • Body Life

    Connecting each person with a group of people where friendship, support, and love can be experienced.

  • Adult Education

    Providing a complete education program starting with newborns through every adult level.

  • Marriage Ministry

    Providing a caring community for married couples, preparing engaged or newly married couples, encouraging couples in distress, and enriching stable marriages.

  • Outreach

    We want to tell others the Good News about Jesus Christ. We're excited about what we've found in Him, and want others to experience the same.

  • Together Groups

    Small groups whose purpose is to reflect Christ from one generation to another and to the communities in which we live.

  • Youth Ministry

    Helping teens learn how to remain unified in Christ and serve God with all of our hearts as individuals and as a group.

  • Men's Ministry

    Helping men strengthen their relationship with the Lord and each other; and encourage each other in their daily walk with our Lord, Jesus.

  • Missions

    Supporting missions work in the U.S. and overseas to share the love of God with people and help the lost find the Savior!

  • Worship

    Making our our singing, prayers, celebration of the Lord's Supper, scripture reading, & sermons meaninful and relevant.

  • Children's Education

    Bible-based classes for children from birth through grade six, helping students know their creator and live to glorify Him

  • Women's Ministry

    Fellowship, outreach, and community service in a safe and fun environment where women can study, share and encourage each other as women of God.

  • Operations

    Committed to maintain and enhance our facilities to provide benefit to our community and a place to worship and serve God.