Southwest Church of Christ

Operations Ministry

To help administrate and oversee the facilities and financial matters of this congregation, some members use their talents in what is called the Operations Branch. Whether it is seeing to the upkeep of the grounds or buildings, or giving direction and input to the budget formation and distribution of the money, people in this area help the congregation maintain a God-honoring stewardship with the blessings God has given us.

Southwest is committed to expanding our facilities to remove any barriers that may stand in the way of attracting new members, retaining present members, and enabling every member to worship and serve God.

Finances, facility and grounds maintenance are just a few areas where people find outlets for service in this congregation.

If you are interested in assisting with or want more information about the Operation Ministry, please contact our Operations & Facilities deacons listed below:

Facilities Management: Guy Robarge & Todd Aerni

Guy: | Todd:

Safety & Security: David Dales


Audio/Visual: Jeff Heldt


Budget & Finance: Lynn Andrews


Information Technology: Franklin Wood