Southwest Church of Christ


Revering God as Supreme - Ephesians 3:20, 21

We at the Southwest Church of Christ acknowledge the sovereignty of God and that He is Supreme in our lives. He is our core foundation and the Source of all good things. We are totally dependent on His mercy and His grace. The Scripture is our standard, our guide in life, and we will follow the principles as it lights our lives. We strive to let our lights shine so that we may glorify Him. We understand that we worship God by our very lives. When we gather to worship as a body of believers our worship will be God-centered, full of thanksgiving, overflowing with praise and love for the Giver of all spiritual gifts. We will continue to seek His face through prayer knowing that we can enter His throne room at any time. Led by His Spirit, we will humbly serve Him in all aspects of our daily walk.

Outreach - Matthew 28: 18-20

The Southwest Church of Christ will be culturally relevant yet true to the standard that God sets for us. We value diversity of race and opinion because we know that in diversity we reflect the heart of the universal God. We are a healing church. This is a place where souls can bring their hurts, their fears, their failures, and their heartaches and they will be accepted. We will love as Jesus loved. We welcome all who enter our doors, accepting of those who may see things differently than we do with a promise to seek God's will and His guidance in everything we do. We will pursue the promise of Jesus when he said that He came so that we might have life. The Great Commission of Jesus will be followed as we tell as many as we can, in our community and around the world, about the difference He has made in our lives. Our evangelism will be purposeful, proactive, and intentional.

Caring Community - Acts 2:42-47

People will know that we are Jesus' disciples by the way we love one another. We seek to share and to develop relationships with everyone. We determine to become like the church in the first century having all things in common. Fellowship, community, caring, and sharing are values by which we live. We value all life and seek to improve the human existence in every way we can. We intend to meet the needs of others and go beyond the surface level in our relationships to influence those around us to make a better community, a better world. We will realize that the vertical relationship that we so treasure with our Father cannot be what it needs to be unless our horizontal relationship with our brothers and sisters is noble, healthy, and genuine.

Kingdom Equipping - Ephesians 6:10-17

Our desire is to do God's will by being active and faithful, serving and equipping in every way possible for we know that faith is to be accompanied by action. That being said, we also realize that we are not saved by our works, but only by the grace of God. Our service to God is out of overflowing, overwhelming gratitude for what He has done for us. Therefore, we want to help people change their lives to be effective servants in the Kingdom. Our intent is to help everyone develop their God-given spiritual gifts. Because we value families and marriage, we want to assist people to establish warm and caring Christian homes. Leadership skills will not only be shown by example, but taught by mentoring and encouraging. All aspects of the Christian life are valuable and all will strive to improve their lives in areas such as Christian stewardship and service. We will all be students of the Scripture learning from those who have the talent, experience, wisdom, and knowledge of the Word of God. All will grow in the knowledge of God from new Christians to seasoned saints by faithful, regular Bible study and teaching.