Southwest Church of Christ

Body Life Ministry

Body Life is a ministry at this congregation who's goal is to touch every member or seeker who enters the doors of Southwest. The primary goal of the Body Life ministry is to connect each person with a group of people where friendship, support, and love can be experienced. When that occurs, we believe few people will be left on the "fringes" and every person can benefit from taking an active role in one of the ministry areas of the church. We recognize the variations in spiritual gifts of people and attempt to use each person's gift in the area of service which best suits him or her. It is exciting to watch a body of people grow stronger and closer as everyone contributes his/her abilities for the benefit of the whole community of faith.

Opportunities of service are ready now for people to use their abilities. Contact our ministers, shepherds, deacons, or the church office to find out how you can become more involved with ministry opportunities that match your passions and gifts.

For more information about the Body Life Ministry, please contact our Body Life, Together Groups, & Women's Ministry deacons listed below:

Franklin Wood