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As part of our Outreach ministry, Southwest supports missions work in the U.S. as well as overseas to share the love of God with people and help the lost find the Savior!

Dominican Republic

Keely Williams

Southwest supports the mission work of Keely Williams in Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic as a part of the Manna Global Ministries work there. She leads the outreach center in Rio San Juan, a safe place for kids to wander in off the streets and enjoy love and family. The center is a home to weekly devotionals, fun activities, and a safe haven to kids in a country that is known for sex trafficking and sex crimes against children.

Keely is a Freed-Hardman University graduate who has been in love with the Dominican Republic since her first trip with Sigma Rho in 2008. And why does she love it? Because of the people she comes in contact with every day. She thinks she is like the apostle Peter. She has (and continues to) deny God and His desires for her. But sees God on the shore and is jumping out of the boat because she hears Him say, “Daughter, do you love me?” And she is saying, “Yes Lord, you know I love you.”… “Then feed my sheep.” That is her goal here, to feed His sheep. And she will continue to try to do so until He calls her somewhere else.

KOI - Kids of Indonesia

Steve Cate

Steve raises funds, provides counsel and other support for the work of Kids of Indonesia. Those funds are used to operate Connor's House, a home for unwanted or orphaned children. There, they feed, clothe, shelter, privately educate and provide medical care for these unwanted children every day. These are children that otherwise could be sold into a life of devestating poverty or sexual abuse through human trafficking. Many children come from broken homes, absent fathers, or parents who cannot make enough to support them or look after them.

India Evangelism

Hershel Bearden

Southwest supports the mission work of Hershel Bearden through India Evangelism, a mission of the Angelina Church of Christ in Lufkin, Texas. Hershel has spent the last eleven years, on a full-time basis, to establish churches, edify existing congregations and multiply benevolent assistance in India. He spends an average of 4 months a year in India, and the remaining time to raise funds for the overall work.

The goal of India Evangelism is to assist Indian preachers and churches. Bibles, songbooks, Preacher Training Schools, Gospel Meetings, general benevolence, bicycles for preachers & assistance with church buildings are valuable tools to aid in the development and strengthening of the church.

The Courtney Swann/Matthew McCartney Children's home was established in 2004 and has maintained an average of about 60 needy children. The children attend a private school, have Bible training and are provided with the necessities of life. A scholarship fund has been established for those who wish to go to college. Recently a new girl's wing was opened. Plans call for admitting about 20 additional children as soon as possible.

Nearly 300 "Building Without Walls" churches have been built in India. These are an 18' x 30' skeletal buildings that seat 120 people. Each building costs $3,800 and to qualify, a church must have their own land in the church's name and the local church must finish the building.

More Information

If you are interested in learning more about our Missions efforts, please contact our Outreach & Missions deacons listed below:

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